Your home will likely be the single largest purchase of your life. Why settle for anything short of the best when choosing a home inspection company? HouseWorks Home Inspections provides personalized services for each and every client. We evaluate every component in the home. A wood destroying insect inspection is included in every home we inspect.

Below is a list of additional services we provide:

Structural and Mechanical Evaluation
The structural and mechanical inspection is considered the base of the home inspection process. This includes an extensive evaluation of the dwelling including all of the major systems starting with the roof, chimney, gutters, siding, windows, exterior grounds, garage, heating, plumbing, electrical, structural, interior, air conditioning, insulation, and attic space. The home inspection is designed to uncover major deficiencies within any of these systems or components. A complete and detailed report is provided to our clients so they can make an intelligent and informed decision on their purchase.

Termite Inspection
HouseWorks Home Inspections provides a wood destroying insect inspection. This is a critical aspect of your home inspection. We will determine if any wood destroying insect infestations exist in the home. The inspector will also determine whether there is any damage in the home as the result of past or present infestations. Hire HouseWorks Home Inspections. We give you the best possible service because you deserve it!

Septic Inspection
A septic inspection is a vital part of the home inspection process. There are home inspectors out there that will lead you to believe that flushing florescent dye into the toilet and flooding the system will determine the condition of the septic system. This couldn't be any further from the truth. We recommend detailed evaluations by septic contractors who are available, should you decide to evaluate this system the right way. It's money well spent.

Well Equipment
An inspection of the Well equipment is a vital part of your home inspection. Running water from an outside faucet does not tell you the output of a well, as some home inspectors will lead you to believe. If your home has a private well, we can provide contacts for a reputable well contractor. We can also provide inspections of the Well equipment including the pump, holding tank, treatment systems etc.

Water Testing
HouseWorks Home Inspections can provide a battery of water testing including water quality (potability and chemical analysis), lead, radon and volatile organic compounds. All water samples are sent to a state certified laboratory and results are received within 3 to 4 business days.

Radon Testing
HouseWorks provides several types of radon testing. Radon is a colorless odorless radioactive gas that is produced by the decay of uranium from within the soil. We use charcoal canisters or electronic radon monitors. The electronic radon monitor is for those who wish to be certain that the test was not tampered with or those who need quick results as these devices yield results immediately upon returning to the home. A minimum 48 hour test is conducted and all testing is performed to EPA protocol when possible.