Resource Center

The Connecticut Building Inspection Resource Center

Provided by:
40 Victory Court
Milford, CT 06460
Phone No: 203 641-1582
Fax No: 203 874-4984

Classroom Location:
Hampton Inn
129 Plains Road
Milford, CT 06460

The Resource Center has been established to offer home inspectors another source for acquiring continuing education credits. Credits are necessary to maintain a valid Connecticut home inspection license and the Resource Center is in a location that will enable inspector’s economical and convenient access from New Haven and Fairfield counties.

The focus of the center is to provide continuing education for licensed home inspectors. We will be covering topics pertaining to home inspections and the standards of practice for home inspectors. Seminars will be presented by staff members that collectively have 30 years of inspection experience and 50 years of building trade related experience. Expert guest speakers will also be available to provide special insight on the topics covered by the center.



The main objective of the center is to increase consumer confidence in home inspectors and minimize complaints and lawsuits against inspectors through the following:

  • Quality educational seminars covering topics related to the home inspection field.
  • Discussion of the items, components or information discussed and their relationship to the standards of practice.
  • Improve inspection practices and reporting techniques.



Unlike other home inspection education providers, short tests will be administered at the end of each session to allow the attendee to determine how much of the information he or she has retained. The center will also be offering periodic testing so inspectors can gauge their knowledge and determine their weaknesses.

All topics will address inspection of the component per state standard. There will also be additional insight which may not necessarily be part of the inspection but will make a home inspector more knowledgeable and better able to come to proper conclusions.