Our home inspectors have all the necessary equipment needed to conduct a thorough home inspection. This may sound strange to the first time buyer however as many of the experienced buyers know, home inspectors today arrive without equipment needed to evaluate components properly.

Ladder - We use a ladder for accessing or viewing roofs at close range. Roofs that can be accessed safely are mounted and others are viewed from a ladder. Home inspectors are notorious for making" bad calls" when viewing roofs from ground level. Don't' make the mistake of hiring a home inspection company that does not use a ladder.

Outlet Tester - We use outlet testers at accessible outlets while walking through the home. Outlets are tested for polarity and proper grounding conditions.

Temperature Differential Meter - This sophisticated testing device is capable of measuring temperature differentials, as needed to properly asses air conditioning equipment.

Carbon Monoxide Detector - HouseWorks Home Inspections provides a free carbon monoxide screening with all home inspections. Carbon monoxide is a byproduct of incomplete combustion. All heating systems are tested for traceable levels of carbon monoxide.

Voltage Sensor - A voltage sensor is used for detecting live current. Exposed and bare wiring can be tested for line voltage. A "must have" tool when conducting a home inspection.