Buyer Beware

When you hire HouseWorks Home Inspections LLC, you will get a home inspector who is a principal of the company and who has conducted thousands of home inspections.

HouseWorks performs quality home inspections working to help you find as much about the home as possible. We are individually licensed by the State Of Connecticut and are fully compliant regarding state requirements.

HouseWorks will arrange licensed contractors for additional testing. Septic contractors, well contractors, heating technicians, and licensed pest control operators. We utilize any contractors necessary to ensure that you receive quality service.

We carry a ladder, moisture meter, carbon monoxide detectors, electronic radon monitors, and digital thermometers. Tools of the trade that help us perform better inspections.

Hiring HouseWorks gives you the experience that other home inspectors just don’t have, hands on experience totaling almost half a century.

Get a REAL home inspection by a REAL home inspector, hire HouseWorks!

We’re that good!